Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dry Aged Steaks with Dijon Peppercorn Sauce

Dry Aged Steaks with Dijon Peppercorn Sauce
Steaks are one of our staples around the Bass household.  We typically have them once a week (or so).  We like different cuts; flank, strip, tenderloin, rib eye and so on.  Our favorite are the rib eyes, with its marbling and trim of rib meat.  We love to cook at home, but we also love to eat out.  On occasion we’ll go to a nice steak house. Seems like all the good steak houses dry age their steaks…it’s amazing the flavors you got from dry aging, makes the flavors much more pronounced!  So, we always thought that the only way to get that was to go to a steak house…oh no mon frere!  Happens that Alton Brown had an episode on steaks on one of his series, Good Eats! And he should how one can age steaks at home.  Of course we had to try it and it works great.  The aging works well with strip steak (NY Strip), best with rib eye…don’t age tenderloin (filet mignon…it will make it tough)! So the following video is demonstrating how to age, then how we like to cook & server our steaks.

Nothing like Steak au Poivre (pepper)! This is a staple in most steak houses, listed in French or as a peppercorn sauce.  Ours is a creamy, Dijon version of the sauce.  This is made with the drippings from cooking steaks first, so this has to go hand in hand with steaks, though I suppose you could make it without the steak, it just wouldn’t be as rich of flavors.  This is a great topping for steaks, or over some sides served with steaks.    So, we also will show you how to make our peppercorn sauce in the following video.  Enjoy!




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